Burma Magic Mushrooms


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Burma Magic Mushrooms

Burma Magic Mushrooms or Burmese Magic Mushrooms are famous for their potency. Thankfully, they aren’t too rare. This species of Psilocybe Cubensis was first discovered by amateur ethnomycologiest John W. Allen—who is also responsible for discovering a host of other shroom strains around the world.

People report trips on Burmese Magic Mushrooms to be quite strong, but not overly cerebral. This might not be the variety to choose to have spiritual or emotional insight into yourself. Each person responds a bit differently to shrooms, so it may be possible for you to take these and have mind-blowing epiphanies. Do tell us if you do!


Mild: 0.25 grams

Low: 0.25 – 1 .00 grams

Medium: 1.00 – 2.50 grams

Strong: 2.50 – 4.00 grams

Epic: 4 grams or more


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